This is an effort to make some of these Local, amazing resources easily available for you in one place.

Please feel free to reach out and let us know if there is another practitioner or service that you love, and we would add it to the list.



Rogue Valley, Southern Oregon Practitioners :


Physical Therapists

Mary Gorman, PT (541) 535-7019

Shawn Flot, PT (541) 890-7372

Michael Pennington (541) 535-2551


Rod Birnery, MD (541) 535-3338

Suzanna Nadler, LCSW (541) 535-3338

Rhiannon Theurer, LMFT (541) 207-8824 (Gifted children and adults, LGBTQ)

Kristen Tussey, LCSW (541) 787-9246


YOGA Om Sweet Om

Self and Soul Center Retreat Center

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