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These websites provide information on Educational tools, disease topics, symptoms, medications, and diagnostic procedures.  They are reliable sites and are not listed in any particular order.

Be sure to check our comprehensive Whole Foods Plant based resources, Medical diseases Support Organizations, Ayurvedic Resources, Meditation , yoga centers page also.

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Medical Support Organizations

Favorite Health and Healing Quotes

Ayurvedic Resources:

Ayurvedic Supplies: Herbs, Oils,  spices and food supplies

Meditation and Yoga center, Vedic astrologers

Whole food Plant Based resources: Comprehensive List of various Plant Based resources

Local Integrative and CIH practitioners:

Rogue Valley, Southern Oregon:

Other Medical Links:


Anatomy Atlases (Note:  graphic content!):

Drug Reference:

PDRhealth: is the most popular, comprehensive, and up-to-date source of drug information online

UpToDate medical information for Patients and Caregivers

Evidence-Based Medicine, Healthcare Quality, Clinical Trials:

National Guideline Clearinghouse™ (NGC):

The Cochrane Library:

Medical literature database and research articles:

Agency for Healthcare Quality and Research Homepage:
20 Tips to Help Prevent Medical Errors:
Consumers and Patients:

National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence: United Kingdom:

Clinical Trials information:

General Health:

American Journal of Managed Care: Personalized Preventive Care Leads to Significant Reductions in Hospital Utilization:

Medline Plus: Consumer Health Information:

American College of Physicians Health Care Topics:

OHSU Library Consumer Health Resources:

WebMD – includes drug info and symptom checker:

Merck Manual (includes commercial info and links)
Professional Edition:


Mayo Clinic Website:

New York Public Library: Best of the Web: Health & Medicine:

Up To Date:

Health Question-Answer Site:

Go Ask Alice:

Medical Literature Databases:

Medline PubMed – National Library of Medicine literature search engine:

OHSU Library Health Information Request:


Nutrition, Food, and Diet Information:

Organic vs Conventional:

for clinicians:

Food and Supplements safety:

The list below provides information gathered from press releases and other public notices about certain recalls of FDA-regulated products.

Dietary supplement labels contain valuable information about supplement products. It is important to always read the label and follow the directions.

My General advice about choosing Integrative modalities:

Be an informed consumer:

How to go about selecting a CAM practitioner:

Several Other Helpful Links:

Helpful Consumer Guides:

food babe


Mercury in fish

joann gruber with PDF’s

Anti Inflammatory diet.pdf: Anti-Inflammatory: 351.64 KB : Tart Cherry Juice.pdf


Organic Foods

Organic Consumers Association
Organic Farming Research Foundation
Organic Trade Association

Organic Gardening and Organic Seeds

Organic Gardening
Seeds of Change
Victory Seeds
Southern Exposure Seed Exchange

Educating Children
Let’s Get Growing! Company Catalogue
The Edible Schoolyard

Community Supported Agriculture
(CSA) and Gardening

American Community Gardening
Local Harvest
Organic Consumers

Food Co-ops
Co-op Directory
Local Harvest
Organic Consumers

Composting and Herb Gardening
Organic Gardening

Vegetarian Resource Group
International Vegetarian Union (IVU)
North American Vegetarian Society
Vegan Fusion

Modern Food Concerns

Food and Water
Safe Tables Our Priority (STOP)
Humane Farming Association
People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals
Pesticide Action Network, North America (PANNA)
Citizens for Health

Water Testing

Watercheck National Testing

Environmental Groups and Initiatives

The Sierra Club
Natural Resource Defense Council
Friends of the Earth
Rainforest Action Network
Worldwatch Institute
Green Restaurant Association

World Hunger Organizations

Food First (Institute for Food
and Development Policy)
Food Not Bombs
The Hunger Project
The Hunger Site