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About Me

I am a practicing integrative medicine physician based in the USA. During the last 20+ years as a medical doctor, I’ve helped thousands of patients gain or regain their health.

In addition to being triple board-certified in Internal medicine, Integrative Medicine, and Lifestyle Medicine, I have trained in functional medicine, Ayurveda, medical and cosmetic acupuncture, various practices of mindfulness and meditation, nutrition, detoxification, environmental medicine, stress management, and yoga.

I am on a mission to help you reclaim your vibrant health.

My Approach to Health

We are faced with stress and anxiety every day, making it difficult to stay grounded in one’s self. I focus on taking health to the next level — not just maintenance — to help patients get to the root of their problems. Together, we look at treatments that address the causes.

The integrative medicine approach allows me to address how stress, lifestyle, personal history and mindfulness influence health. I may use Ayurvedic medicine (balancing mind, body and spirit), yoga or meditation within a treatment plan. Healthy eating, sleep management, acupuncture recommendation, gentle detoxification, targeted nutritional therapy and other holistic healing methods might also be considered.

My Services


Group workshops on Healthy Living, stress management, chronic disease management, and more coming soon.

Public Speaking

I will educate, motivate, and inspire your audience to help them learn more about healthy eating choices and practices, get healthier, lose weight, regain vitality and start reclaiming their health back.

CME presentations

Available to speak on various Functional medicine, Integrative medicine, Lifestyle medicine topics, Self-care, Nutrition, Burnout prevention, Chronic disease reversal, Evidence based Ancient healing practices etc.


1:1 consultation on personalized nutritional and lifestyle recommendations to achieve optimal health and wellbeing, coming soon.

Upcoming events, efforts, or stories of interest

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My wife and I both see Prachi, and love her. She is the kind of caring, thoughtful, professional, bright and friendly doctor everyone should want. As opposed to most physicians who are locked into either western medicine or eastern or alternative medicine, she draws upon, and is open to using, all of those disciplines to benefit her patients. Plus, she is a wonderful human being who is a joy to be around.
R.B, Ashland, OR
It is so refreshing to find a physician who thinks outside the box and embraces integrative medicine. Dr. Garodia is a very smart lady and, on top of that, she listens to my concerns regarding pharmaceutical drugs and tries to find healthy alternatives to standard medical care when appropriate. She is well-versed in nutrition and Ayurvedic medicine and has a vast referral network of practitioners that she trusts. She is a truly rare find in the Rogue Valley!
C.T, LAc. Rogue Valley, OR
Dr. Garodia amazed me by thinking out of the box. I’ve been experiencing problems that other physicians have not figured out. She suggested that I do a DNA test. That showed a mutation which can cause my complaints. She made recommendations to address the problems. She listens in depth to my complaints and then talks about the possibilities. She’s extremely intelligent, caring, and willing to investigate all alternatives, which amazes me. She is a very caring physician and I am very lucky.
V.M, Central Point, OR

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Healthy Heart with Natural Medicine

Board certified in Internal Medicine, Integrative Medicine, Lifestyle Medicine

and Nationally Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach.

Offering services to the USA and International community virtually.

I am on a mission to help you reclaim your vibrant health.